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Managed Social Media – Social Media Management

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Our Social Media Managed-Services Include:

  • A social media marketing plan that is constantly updated with you to ensure we stay focused on what is going on in your business.
  • Content development editing, design and posting on all of your social media platforms.
  • Brand monitoring and engagement monitoring to report to you what is being said about your brand, your competitors and your industry.
  • Responding to customer or potential customer’s comments and questions. We have 24/7 service available for high-traffic clients that require this service.
  • Community development We spend time daily building your audience strategically with people who can either purchase from you, use your services or influence others to do so. If your community is not growing, something is not working.
  • Email list building. This is another important aspect of a healthy business. We work with you to develop inbound marketing strategies to pull people into your site and get on your email marketing lists. Together we develop call-to-action value pieces that your audiences want and will exchange their email address or contact information for.
  • Monthly social media reporting A full analytic reporting of the progress.
  • Blogging and Video Co-Created Content We all know that video is an important marketing tool. We will help you create interview formatted video for your website and social platforms. We can also write weekly or monthly blog posts for your business.

Do You Really Understand Social Media Marketing?

Sure we all know that having a Facebook Page is like having a website today, but social media marketing includes crafting content, blogging, building campaigns, creating and managing social ad campaigns and tracking results. This can be a full time job for some organizations. A2Z Miami is your social media marketing partner. It is like hiring an entire team of professional marketing and social media experts to help get your brand noticed and start getting results from your social efforts! At A2Z Miami, we work closely with you to build a strategy that brings social media marketing results! Our goal is to help you reach yours, whether that means increasing sales, raising brand awareness, reaching out, connecting and responding to customers, educating, and sharing your brand’s unique qualities or just letting the world know how fabulous your brand is.

Effective social media marketing goes miles beyond that. That’s why. True, quality digital marketing does involve Internet proficiency and familiarity with today’s most popular social networks, but it also requires specialized marketing knowledge and a deep understanding of audience behavior. Here are some of the tasks that only a truly skilled and experienced individual or agency can contribute to a campaign.

Setting Goals

An effective social media marketer must understand the company’s objectives and base campaign goals around them. These goals should be clear and specific and ambitious, yet they must also be realistic. Knowing how to reach these goals is essential, but setting the right goals for a brand or campaign is even more crucial. 

Identifying and Understanding Audiences

The success of any marketing campaign relies heavily on targeting specific audiences and understanding what strategies work best with those demographics. Every update must be made with the target in mind. A good social media marketer should understand their demographics’ habits, desires and personalities and use that information to optimize content, wording and timing.

Focusing on Conversions

Maintaining a brand’s social media presence with fun, interesting content is great, but many fail to connect the purpose of these updates with the real goal: sales. Congratulations, your Twitter account has tens of thousands of followers and that last Facebook update got a thousand comments, but are your customers merely entertained, or are your social media marketing efforts actually producing conversions? Anyone can amuse audiences, but critical in social media marketing is understanding what needs to be done to actually sell the product.

Analytics and Measuring ROI

A key component of any marketing campaign is understanding its results. A social media manager should not only create effective social content, but also continuously analyze the campaign’s performance, tracking against the goals to see what works best with audiences, measure return on investment and make corrective adjustments to the campaign. Don’t forget that analytics go beyond simply tracking the number of followers, likes or comments; more important is accurately measuring conversions. Reactive Engagement After initially engaging audiences, many marketers fail to continue interacting with fans. You’re patting yourself on the back for posting a photo that got a big response, but don’t stop there. Go back and react to the engagement you’ve sparked. Reply to fans’ questions and comments, taking every opportunity to lock in brand loyalty. Most marketers who do this focus on responding to negative feedback, but don’t limit your reactive engagement to complaints.

Integrating Other Tactics

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can go a long way in a web-based initiative, but a marketer should expand the campaign by integrating tactics beyond the usual social networks. Online video, interactive games, contests and innovative content can lift marketing to its full potential. This requires knowing which tactics will be the most useful in a particular campaign and finding, organizing and managing the talent that can produce this content.

Predicting Trends

Social media management is about understanding current trends and employing them well, but beyond that, it’s about predicting what comes next. Marketing can be effective if it sticks to tried-and-true social media techniques, but if you want to blow it out of the water, you must be ahead of the curve and utilize the next big thing in social media, whatever that may be. That’s what will truly intrigue customers and get people talking about a brand.

While anyone can manage a company’s social media, few can manage it effectively. When investing in social media marketing, brands should choose an agency or specialist who truly understands digital marketing and will make their investment worthwhile.